Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peter Kent’s Constituency Office Closed to Canadians with Concerns Regarding Honduras

RESPONSE: Please call, fax, email the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), Peter Kent at his constituency office to demand that the Canadian government immediately suspend aid to the de facto government of Honduras.

On Tuesday, 14 July, approximately 40 demonstrators picketed in front of Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Peter Kent’s constituency office in Thornhill, Ontario to protest his and the Canadian government’s ambiguous position on the military coup d’état in Honduras. Despite having scheduled a meeting with a group of concerned citizens to discuss the Canadian position, Kent’s constituency office staff locked the doors and put up a ‘closed’ sign forcing demonstration representatives ready to meet with Kent and/or his staff to leave a prepared briefing with clear demands (see below) stuck to the door.

Take Action!

To encourage Minister Kent and his constituency office staff to embrace democracy and openness and to continue to demand that the Canadian government take strong action against the illegal government in Honduras, please:
  1. Call, fax, or email Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas) Peter Kent at his constituency office, Tel: 905-886-1426, Fax: 905-886-5267, Email: Use the call script below.
  2. Call, fax, or email your MP (click here to contact your MP using your postal code) to demand that the Canadian government:
  • unequivocally denounce the military coup
  • refuse to recognise any ‘de facto’ government in Honduras
  • insist on the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the legitimate Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya
  • cut aid to the illegal Honduran government
  • demand respect for safety and human rights of all people in Honduras
  • demand justice and reparations for the illegal actions and rights violations committed during this illegal coup
Note: Please send copies of all email correspondence to the Latin American Solidarity Network at

Call Script:
I urge Canada to take strong action to reject the military coup in Honduras. In keeping with the Canadian government’s stated condemnation of the coup, please demand the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of legitimate Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, as our European allies have already done. I know that Honduras is the largest recipient of Canadian aid in the Central American region. As several countries around the world have already done, please also cut all Canadian assistance to the de facto government, including military aid. Canada must immediately back up its words with actions to further isolate the illegal government in Honduras.

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